Friday, April 3, 2015

April A-Z Challenge: Cats and Coffee (And Caesura)

It's no secret that I love cats and coffee both. I can think of few things better than cuddling up with a cat in my lap and a warm cup of coffee on the side table in my study to watch the sunrise.

The Best Thing about Cats: Kitty cuddles~

The Worst Thing about Cats: Cat scratches, when your cat has just been to the litter box and stepped in something he shouldn't have. ^-o_o-^

The Best Thing about Coffee: My personal favorite thing about coffee is the sheer variety of beans, grinds, and flavours you can get at any market. I love trying exotic new things.

The Worst Thing about Coffee: Arabica beans. Urrrrg. They're yucky for sure!

Today's Useful yet Obscure Word For Something We All See Every Day: caesura - vertical line in a text used to indicate a pause or prosodic break.

I always wondered what that thing was called!

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