Monday, April 27, 2015

April A-Z Challenge: Weddings

When a princess get married, it's always a very, very, very big affair. While I'm no where near ready to go out into the world to find my Charming Princess, that hasn't stopped the castle staff from gossiping over the identity of my intended. The cleaning staff are rather out of the loop and believe I am going to marry a Norwegian Prince, but the castle chefs know better. Rumor is that I'm going to marry a beautiful farmer's daughter from the faraway land of France! Everyone seems to have an idea of who will one day rule alongside me, except, of course, for me. Figures, right?

In any case, in true royal fashion, we've already planned the details of the ceremony years in advance. Every Midsomar since I was five, Mother has pulled out a gilded leather-bound tome from Her Majesty's personal library, and she, MorMor, and I have planned. I do believe that the string lights I requested in my seventh year are going to be hanging above the centerpiece and around the garden where the ceremony is scheduled to take place.

The ceremony itself will be two-fold. A half a century ago, my MorMor revolutionized the way royal marriages are treated in my kingdom by signing a writ stating that any Princess has the right to a private wedding the night before the highly public, extremely ceremonial Royal Wedding held in the palace gardens for all the kingdom to see.

Now, I can't tell you where my wedding will be, but I can show you a picture I took just before sundown. It's in one of the most secluded and beautiful parts of my private gardens, which is why we choose it last summer in the final part of the planning process.

Now all that's left to do is breathe a wistful sigh as I dream of my Princess... 

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