Wednesday, April 8, 2015

An Exclusive Interview with the Former Queen of Stardell

Kaija: Today, I'm going to be interviewing Her Majesty the Former Queen of Stardell, AKA my MorMor.

MorMor: Hey, Kaija! What's up?

Kaija: Not much, MorMor. I just have a few questions to ask you about your reign as Queen of Stardell. Several of our subjects expressed to me that they'd love to hear from you once again.

MorMor: Well, then. Let's get started.

Kaija: Yes, let's. To start off with, can you tell me what you enjoyed most about being Queen?

MorMor: I enjoyed a great many things about my reign as Queen of Stardell. I think my favourite part of being ruler was seeing our kingdom prosper under my rule. I loved my kingdom, and my subjects loved me for it. I took great pleasure in taking care of our people and ensuring that our kingdom was in good order at all times. Stardell made a lot of alliances during my reign, and narrowly avoided quite a few wars. Peace has always been a precious commodity, but it was difficult to find in the years after the Great War. My mother's reign was long and difficult because of this, but I myself enjoyed a period on the throne free of strife, all but devoid of crime, and blessed by a surplus of food each and every harvest. Your mother has done a great job of maintaining and expanding upon the progress Stardell made during my reign, and I have no doubts that you will be at least as excellent a ruler as she.

Kaija: So, you think that the Crown Princess will make a good leader for Stardell?

MorMor: Indeed. She is a wonderful person who possesses all the attributes of a great ruler. I see great things in our kingdom's future, and I know that Princess Kaija will do what is best for our kingdom at all times. I believe that she will bring forth an even greater and lasting peace to Stardell. One day, our kingdom will be known 'round the world, and I suspect that that day is growing ever nearer as Kaija's time to reign draws closer. I think that our subjects will love you even more than they already do.

Kaija: Thank you, MorMor. You are very kind. I just have one last question for you. If you enjoyed your rule so much, why did you hand the position to mother?

MorMor: My time as Queen had drawn to its conclusion. Your mother returned from her travels of the world bursting with fresh new ideas about how to make Stardell better, stronger, and more prosperous. I knew that the wisdom she'd acquired on her journeys would make her a better ruler than I could hope to be at that point, so I did what was best for our Kingdom and handed over the throne. I don't doubt that your mother will do the same once you return from your rites of passage armed with a brand new world of knowledge.

Kaija: You two have certainly left me with big shoes to fill. Stardell has never been as great a kingdom as it was under your reigns. Our subjects still adore you, and you know how they fawn over Mother. In any case, I'd better get these papers off to the presses. Your admirers have been looking forward to this interview all week. I'd like to thank you on their behalf for agreeing to answer a few questions.

MorMor: Anytime, darling.

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