Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April A-Z Challenge - Melodifestivalen

I know what you're thinking. I already did Eurovision, so why do I need to do Mello too? The answer is going to knock your metaphorical socks off.

I'm doing a separate entry for Mello because - wait for it - it's better than Eurovision. Now, take a deep breath. I'm not saying that I love Melfest better than Eurovision, because there are very few non-living things I love as much as Eurovision. However, the sad reality of Eurovision is that some countries *cough* UK *cough* I did not just say UK, I swear *cough* just don't take Eurovision as seriously as they could. Eurovision can also be very political, what with the voting blocs and Russia writing Ukraine creepy love songs every year like, yeah, one day you will be mine and join me, da and the musical travesty that was Get You.

Mello is different. For a full six weeks, some of the best singers in Sweden take us on a wild roller-coaster ride of ups and downs and semis and second chances and lovably annoying interns and light shows and fireworks and actual fire and kissing! Mello is just pure fun. And, yeah, Eurovision is a ton of fun, too, but the two contests have very different hearts and souls and Melodifestivalen just has a certain je ne sais quoi about it that Eurovision lacks.

Perhaps the best way I can think to explain the difference between the two is this: Eurovision is this great, big beast of a contest that has absolutely everything you could ever wish for in a song contest, from eardrum-shattering vampires to beautiful bearded ladies to songs about cake (and who doesn't love cake?) but Mello is... Well, it's Swedish, which is a word listed in the thesaurus under 'better than almost anything else.'

And on that bombshell, goodnight Europe!

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