Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Step-by-Step Guide to Building the Perfect Garden

  1. Decide on a vision beforehand, but leave a lot of wiggle room in your plans. The more flexible you are, the greater the chance of serendipity working in your favour to help you create your perfect garden. 
  2. Choose your containers carefully. They'll contribute to the final look of your garden in a major way, so you might want to splurge a little in this area. You might also want to consider hand-painting your containers to give your garden an individualistic, artsy feel. 
  3. Choose plants native to your area, and plant them as indicated. You don't want to put a shade plant in full sun, or vise versa. 
  4. Plant carefully. Take into consideration things like animals that might invade your garden and children who might destroy your hard work. It's good to have a plan that takes into account how large each plant is going to grow so you have an idea of how your garden will look once its in bloom.
  5. Everything is better with wildflowers, so grab a packet of seeds and get planting. 
  6. The perfect garden is all in the details. Buy decorations that complement your plants and speak to you on a personal level. Go bargain hunting for little treasures at a local thrift shop and place them in secret, but not completely hidden, places throughout your garden. This'll put a magical touch in your yard, and we can all use a little whimsy in our lives, right? 
Here are some photos of my garden that will hopefully inspire you to make an even more beautiful one around your own home. 

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