Sunday, April 19, 2015

Eurovision Review: Malta with Warrior

First Thoughts: I have one question. Why? Why is there always a song about warriors in Eurovision, every year, without fail? They read the book, but boy did they miss the point. Or maybe I'm missing the point of this song. Who knows? Certainly not I.

Best Lyric: We have to be courageous to be able to get through this. 

Worst Lyric: Break through the silence. I hate the way her voice breaks in this line.

Finalist? Maybe? Don't ask me.

Final Thoughts: This Warrior isn't necessarily a bad song. However, there isn't anything to distinguish it from the other Warrior, which is terrible. And when I'm done listening, I'll forget which was bad and which was horrible, and I'll just assume they were both pants.

Score out of 12: Three.


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