Monday, April 13, 2015

Eurovision Review: Ireland with Playing With Numbers

First Thoughts: I love this song. It's so powerfully emotional, and it speaks to me so deeply. Strong power ballads like these always end up on my top five lists, and unlike Kuula and Eg a Lif, this song is actually in English!

Best Lyric: There are a few I quite like. The highlights are: Do I owe you something? I think I do. They tied our hands, but I cut through. Also: Fragile, misguided minds like mine only know how to use. So poetic.

Worst Lyric: In the arms of the potion, they found our truth. This isn't a fairytale, and truth potions aren't real. Kids these days. *Shakes head.*

Finalist? Normally, with a song like this, I'd say 'absolutely.' However, I would have said that Ireland's song last year was a shoe-in, and I'd have been wrong. Ireland doesn't have many voting allies, and it really depends on how well Ms. Ireland can perform live. I'm hoping to see this act at the final, though.

Final Thoughts: Hold on, I got distracted listening to Ireland's song from last year... Just hold onto my heartbeat... All in all, I like this song. Despite some dodgy lyrics, I can really feel this song's message, and that's always a bonus in my book.

Score out of 12: Douze points. I really like it.

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