Monday, April 20, 2015

Eurovision Review: Czech Republic with Hope Never Dies

First Thoughts: The force is strong with the duets this year. I simply adore this song. It's powerful, emotional, beautiful, and everything a song should be. It's one of those songs you can feel in your heart, and I love that about it.

Best Lyric: Where to start? This song is chock full of awesome lyrics. Wait for me; don't cross the sea of pain! Wait for me; I'm lost! I've gone astray. I love, love, love this line. Also: Find me when the night turns into day (turns into day.) Your love is a torch, shows us the way... And: Or we can rise and fight for a light to live for. Simply beautiful.

Worst Lyric: Ravens calling my name, their wings so dark. Soon, they'll take me away. I have their mark. This is the only lyric that seems out of place to me.

Finalist? Absolutely.

Final Thoughts: This is totally my style of music, so perhaps I'm a bit biased, but I love this song. I can definitely see a top 10 finish for it.

Score out of 12: Douze points!

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