Friday, April 17, 2015

Eurovision Review: Latvia with Love Injected

First Thoughts: I really don't like this song. I hate the way it starts out, and I hate every single lyric except for one. The song itself is kind of like Belgium's, and I just don't like this ultra-modern techno disjointed style of music. Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer the part where she's screaming about love.

Best Lyric: Your love revives my soul. I love this lyric. I just wish the rest of the song could be this good.

Worst Lyric: Everything else. I'm not sure why Ms. Latvia is choosing to sing in two different genres in the same song, but it is not working for her.

Finalist? I think not.

Final Thoughts: I think this song could be a good song, if they smoothed out the rhythm and brought the song back together into one whole from all of its disjointed parts. But we all know that's not going to happen, which brings us to our next category.

Score out of 12: Nil points. I feel like Simon Cowell being this harsh, but it's just bad.

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