Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Eurovision Review: Cyprus with One Thing I Should Have Done

First Thoughts: Even though this kind of reminds me of Estonia's song, or maybe because it sort-of kind-of reminds me of Estonia's song, I like it. I feel as if it's just a little too slow and a just a wee bit weak, but it's not a bad song.

Best Lyric: The road that once was paved with gold has turned a rusty shade of all the saddest colours in the world. What a beautiful line.

Worst Lyric: I don't think that there are any lyrics that stand out to be as horrible, but Mr. Cyprus's delivery is just so passive and unemotional for most of the song, all of it is kind of lack-luster.

Finalist? Probably not.

Final Thoughts: I really do like this song, but it's as weak as a newborn baby and far too slow to do well on the Eurovision stage.

Score out of 12: Six.

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