Sunday, April 12, 2015

Eurovision Review: Norway With Monster Like Me

First Thoughts: I simply couldn't resist the unbearable temptation to review Norway's, AKA My Fave's, ESC 2015 song any longer. I have loved this song since the moment I heard it. I've loved it since it was the favorite to win MGP. I've loved it since the time I didn't know what was happening in Norway because it got so cold all atom-based movement stopped - oh, wait, that didn't happen, oh well - and I've loved it over mountains, through forests, across desert sands and in pouring rains... *Wistful sigh.* Long story short, I love Norway's song. Did I mention it's my favorite? Because it is.

Best Lyric: All of it. This song is poetry in motion and it fuels my very soul, just like in Latvia's Love Injected. (Which is a terrible song, by the way.) But here are the highlights.

Honey. I'm telling the truth. I did something terrible in my early youth. 

I better let you go, to find the Prince you thought you found in me.... 

Just wave and say goodbye and let you live without a monster like me.

Honey, what am I to do? I have pulled the trigger on this awful truth. Hold me now, 'cause I'm burning up. Sing me something beautiful, and make it stop. 

Just go! To find the Prince you thought you found in me! 

Worst Lyric: What? In my favorite song of all time? No way! I dare you to find something wrong with this song, but you won't be able to, because there isn't one single note out of place!

Finalist? Yes, yes, I will beat upon the drums, rise up, come on and rise up - wait, wrong country, wrong year, oh well, in any case: Yes!

Final Thoughts: Okay, maybe I got a little carried away here. There's just so much raw emotion and so many epicly beautiful moments that I couldn't help myself. Every lyric feels as if it was hand-crafted to sheer and utter perfection; every note's sole existence in life is to better this song. The two singers have unparalleled chemistry and such polished voices that I find it hard to believe this song hasn't won Eurovision already.

Score out of 12: Twenty. It's that good.

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