Saturday, April 11, 2015

Eurovision Review: Sweden with Heroes

First Thoughts: What exactly is the protocol when your favorite Eurovision country sends a song you personally don't like, or maybe just a song that you would like, except you poured your heart and your soul into a different song during that country's national final? Hmm. My mum and my MorMor just seem to take it in stride, but I am not a Casual Eurovision Fan. No, sir, no madam. I am a Hardcore Eurovision Fan, which, this year, has been kind of at odds with being a Hardcore Sweden Fan, a Hardcore Mello Fan, and a Hardcore Joik Fan.

I've avoided the issue thus far by being a dirty, filthy traitor and switching to #TeamNorge and pushing the skip button every time a song, TV show, or person said, did, or hinted at anything vaguely heroic. You have no idea how many 'I rescued ten dozen kittens from trees just last week alone' stories never got told because of my horrible dilemma.

But I cannot run from this anymore. It's my destiny. It's time to decide: Do I stay bitter that my Mello winner came in second, or do I once again drape myself in the flag of Sverige like some victorious Viking warrior?

Let's take a look at my original review of this song:

I love this song. I love the way it begins. I love the staging. I love the chorus. I love the light screen behind him, and I love the little light dude he fist-bumps. I love the message of the song. 

But I don't want it to win Melfest. It'd earn Sweden a top 5 placing for sure, but there's just something about it that I can't quite place my finger on that makes me unhappy it's the bookie's favorite. Perhaps it's just too far-reaching for my taste. We are the heroes? Whose heroes? Certainly not the millions that die of starvation every year. Surely not the billion people who don't have access to clean water. Yes, the world is changing for the better, but I think it's a bit too much to say we're 'heroes.' And on that note, who are the heroes? Am I a hero? Is Sweden a hero? Is Europe a hero? Is everyone a hero? This sounds more like a theme song for the EU than a winning Mello entry. 

Overall, I'd give this a solid 7 out of 10 - a great song, but just not a winner for me.

It seems I like this song rather a bit. In fact, I even went so far as to say I 'loved it.' But that doesn't change the fact that it won Mello

Best Lyric: The intro is definitely my favorite part. Don't tell the Gods I left a mess. I can't undo what has been done, let's run for cover. What if I'm the only hero left, you better fire off your gun, once and forever. He said, "Go dry your eyes and live your life like there is no tomorrow, son, and tell the others to go sing it like a hummingbird, the greatest anthem ever heard..."

Worst Lyric: We're dancing with the demons in our minds. I like to think that if I do have little devil-lings scampering about in my skull, I'm not dancing the tango with them every night.

Finalist?: Are you kidding? It's the favorite to win. The only way this isn't getting into the final is if someone decides to start the Apocalypse during his semi.

Final Thoughts: Nah, I'm still bitter.

Score out of 12: Zero, because I cried a waterfall over Jon Henrik. No, really, it's called the Weeping Waterfall and it's just west of here and... Oh, all right. I give it an 8. You're not getting anything more from me, though.

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