Friday, April 24, 2015

April A-Z Challenge: Unicorns in Stardell

Many unicorns live in the forests of Stardell. If you are quiet and pure and free of ill intent, it is all but guaranteed that one will reveal itself to you and ask to play. Most citizens don't know much about the magical creatures that live all around them and in their homes, which is why the Royal Court has decided for the first time in almost 500 years to release this special informational post about unicorns.

  • It has long been believed that all magical creatures in the kingdom hold congress with one another, and the unicorns are believed to be the magical equivalent of the Royal Court. Queen Analenna once spoke to a unicorn that disclosed that there is, in fact, a unicorn Queen and unicorn Princes and Princesses. 
  • Great care should be taken to avoid angering unicorns. It is widely believed that enraged unicorns can temporarily gain control of the vengeful spirits they typically help keep out of Stardell, and make life miserable for all until amends can be made with said unicorn. 
  • Thankfully, most unicorns are extremely friendly and playful. Some will even grant wishes to those who they come across in the forest, particularly on or around Midsommar, when their magic is most powerful.
  • Touching a unicorn's horn is proven to bring good luck to a person and his or her family and household. Most unicorns prefer not to have their horns touched until they are ready to part with you, as this is how unicorns say goodbye amongst themselves. This is why there are many accounts of unicorns being scared away by humans trying to touch their horns - they thought you were trying to bid them farewell!
  • It is currently unknown whether or not all unicorns can speak human languages. The last report of a unicorn speaking to a human in the Royal Records of Stardell is from 1886, but there have been reports from Germany and Spain that cite speaking unicorns as late as the 1950's. 
  • Unicorns are thought to live about two hundred years. No one knows what the magical community does with its fallen members. 
And... That's all I can tell you. There is, of course, more information in the records, but it is classified for the protection of our magical friends and allies. Thank you for your understanding, citizens of Stardell. 

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