Friday, April 17, 2015

My Flash Friday Entry

Here is my entry to this week's Flash! Friday

(192 words)

Adeline could see the docks from here in all their fog-shrouded mystique, taunting her with the secrets they concealed and the shadows they teasingly cast. She knew from his letters that Jack was coming home this week, but she knew not when, and she couldn’t help but flick her eyes over to the window every few moments, convinced that the figure of her dearly beloved husband would fling itself out of the mist any second now.

The walls of the kitchen seemed to close in on her as the seconds ticked by, marked quarterly by the savage flick of her knife, and still the docks remained silent and stubborn. Minutes passed, and Adeline’s heart seemed to sink with every one of them, the elation she’d felt earlier at the surety that today would be the day fading and falling in dejection at yet another sundown with no sign of Jack. 

A knock sounded at the door, starling Adeline out of her reverie. It was Jack, it simply had to be! She flew from the kitchen, down the stairs, and tore open the door leading down towards the docks. 

It was Jack’s Captain. 

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