Friday, April 10, 2015

Eurovision Reviews: Azerbaijan with Hour of the Wolf

First Thoughts: I love this song. I love this guy's voice. I love the fact that Azerbaijan is that spunky little newcomer who hasn't quite figured out not to take Eurovision too seriously. I'm not entirely sure what this song has to do with wolves, but, hey, not knowing is part of the fun.

Best Lyric: I once met Peace. He said that he soon would have the answers to this hurt. And my mind was made up; I would never give up. No, I won't sleep tonight. If tomorrow comes, I loose my mind... I will beat on the drum, rise above with me. I will go til I'm numb, rise above with me. I love the idea of meeting Peace.

Worst Lyric: I feel brave and scared, I will stand prepared. This isn't a horrible lyric, just an awkward one, which speaks to the high quality of this song.

Finalist? Yes. Definitely.

Final Thoughts: I'm inordinately fond of personification, which is probably why this is one of my favorite songs. Yeah, rise above with me!

Score out of 12: Ten points! Yay!

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