Saturday, April 4, 2015

Eurovision Review: Serbia with Beauty Never Lies

First Thoughts: I'm not sure I understand this song. It starts off singing about some fairytale-esqe girl, then switches to 'beauty never lies.' What does this even mean? Beauty isn't a person. It can't lie, but it can sure as heck hide a lot of things. I'm pretty sure she's talking about inner beauty, but that's not clear until the very end of the song, and let's face it - if I didn't have my mind set on doing this review, I wouldn't have made it that far into the song. It's just not very good.

Best Lyric: The beginning. In a shadowy world, lived a dazzling girl, unaware of the light she'd imprisioned inside. Took a million mistakes to lead her to daybreak. The song starts off pretty good, but for some reason it just throws itself off a cliff after this lyric.

Worst Lyric: Beauty never lies, never hides, never gives a damn. Um, no. This isn't how the world works. There is a lot of hidden beauty all over the place, whether it's the metaphorical beauty within humanity or the physical beauty that can be found under a microscope or at the end of a telescope. And beauty never gives a damn? What does that even mean?

Finalist? My guess is no.

Final Thoughts: Why can't you just keep sending your beautiful ballads, Serbia? Beauty never hides, and there certainly isn't any hidden in Beauty Never Lies.

Score out of 12: One pitiful pity point.

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