Saturday, April 4, 2015

April A-Z Challenge: Dogs and Divination

My dogs are lovely creatures. At first glance, they are small, adorable little beings, ambling along in their slightly-overweight, aging gait. The beagle looks to be of fine breeding, plump and round mostly around her belly and her behind, and the Caviler King Charles Spaniel appears to be of nearly show-dog quality, while the Puggle, with her stout and sturdy legs, looks at though she would make a fine watch dog.

However, my dogs, regal though they may seem, are merely ordinary beasts whose sole function in life seems to be lying around looking cute all day and wagging their tails as we pass by. Indeed, some days all they do is sleep and wag, sleep and wag, sleep and wag, an endless rise and fall cycle that ends only at supper time. And alas, sometimes our pooches are naughty little critters who have potty accidents in the house and routinely spill their food all over the place.

As lazy and as naughty as our wee beasties may be, we love them to bits, which is the reason why I'm dedicating this post to them. They are my joy in life, and I love them more than words could ever hope to describe.

And, as a final parting note, here is Today's All But Uselessly Obscure Word For An Oddly Specific Function: dactyliomancy - divination by means of a finger

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