Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Eurovision Review: Greece with One Last Breath

First Thoughts: I'm sort of torn how I feel about this song. I can't quite hear her properly, and the singer doesn't use her voice to its full potential until the end of the song. I want to like it, but there's just something about it that makes me want to hit the mute button.

Best Lyric: I'm begging you, come back and take me from this fiery hell. Come back and save me! Those are some powerful lyrics right there.

Worst Lyric: What happened wasn't fair. And this comes right afterwards. Newsflash: Life isn't fair. I don't think it's far that some countries scraped the crusty, putrid bottom of their talent barrel to find this year's entry. *cough* UK *cough*

Finalist? Probably not. Semi-power ballads like this don't exactly do well in Eurovision. It's like putting a two-cylinder engine in a Hummer. Weak.

Final Thoughts: This song is very forgettable. The next song just came on and I can barely remember what Ms. Greece was singing about. All kidding aside, though, how could she possibly keep singing if she really did have only one last breath left?

Score out of 12: Two.

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