Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Eurovision Top 3 So Far

Here are my three favorite Eurovision songs so far.

FYR Macedonia: I don't care that this song is in Macedonian. I've loved it since the moment I heard it. It's been my favorite since the beginning, which really wasn't hard when it was the only song I'd heard, but now 15 or so songs later, it's still my favorite. Plus yelling 'Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia' is a great way to confuse my enemies long enough to run away.

Estonia: This is just my kind of music. Estonia doesn't confuse anyone, except maybe Americans, so that's why it's second on my list.

Belarus: So far my third favorite song. What can I say? It's catchy. Catchy like the plague, but catchy nevertheless. This just isn't turning out to be a great year for Eurovision. Oh well.

Bonus: Sverige!!!! I really like a lot of Melfest songs this year, and I think that they can send Magnus, Eric, Linus, or Jon Henrik and earn themselves a big fat first place trophy!

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