Sunday, March 22, 2015

Eurovision Review: F.Y.R. Macedonia with Autumn Leaves

First Thoughts: Okay, first of all, the most important question of all: Why the heck do they still call themselves the 'Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia'? Like, why not just 'Macedonia'? Is it your love letter to the former Yugoslavia, or just a big old middle finger to the slow speakers of the world? Anyway. I really expected to hate this song, because I loved Lisja Esenski and I hate language changes 99% of the time, but I actually like it. My one complaint is that there are times his accent is so thick it sounds like he's still speaking Macedonian. Who knows, maybe he is.

Best Lyric: Hanging from our knees in the willow trees, easy like the month of June. I just really like this line.

Worst Lyric: Our fairytale go right, with no end in sight, have me tangled up in blue. Or at least that's what I heard through his accent. Number one, it's not even proper English, and blue is definitely not a good thing most of the time. Unless you're talking about oceans. Or skies. But as a metaphor, it generally doesn't mean happy-fun-fairytale time.

Finalist? I really, really hope so. I have to listen to the other songs in his semi to be sure, but I really think this is going to make it to the final regardless.

Final Thoughts: I think he should have kept this song in Macedonian. I really do. Lisja Esenski was beautiful. This is just broken English slathered over a song that used to be truly awesome.

Score out of 12: 8. I'd have given Lisja Esenski a perfect 12, but that's what you get for language changes, you confusing, confusing country.

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