Thursday, March 26, 2015

Eurovision Review: Armenia with Face the Shadow (Formerly Don't Deny)

First Thoughts: First of all, I'm glad they changed the title of the song. It's a small thing, but Face the Shadow is a much better title than Don't Deny. I'm also really digging the variety of voices in the song, from the almost operatic voice of one of the ladies to the sopranos of the gents. I also like the message of the song. It's not very clear from the lyrics, but the music video, the band's name, and various interviews reveal that it's about family histories and being proud of one's genealogy. However, I don't like the song. At all.

Best Lyric: Honestly, there aren't any. Just watch the music video on mute and pretend it's one of those old silent movies. It'll be better that way.

Worst Lyric: Time is ticking and you keep thinking that you are chicken. Really? Really? I know English isn't their native language, but surely they could have found an English-speaking school child online who would have been able to tell them that 'chicken' stops being a thing after primary school.

Finalist?: Probably. It's a unique enough act that I think people will fall for it and forget that as a song, it's bloody terrible.

Final Thoughts: I'm sort of disappointed. Armenia had a great entry last year, and this entry was a great idea, but it fell pretty far short in the musical and lyrical department.

Score out of 12: Two.

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