Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Eurovision Review: Hungary with Wars for Nothing

First Thoughts: I appreciate and respect the message of this song, and I love the singer's voice, but the lyrics need some work. It doesn't sound like a song to me; it sounds like a sung-through poem. The rhythm is all broken up and it just sounds... Well, awkward, really.

Best Lyric: All the souls, all the souls, can you hear them cry? I just like the way she sings this line.

Worst Lyric: Do you know our Earth is a mess? I've been living in an imaginary castle in my mind for the past five years and even I know the planet is a wreck. Anyone who thinks it isn't is in serious denial. Or American. Or both.

Finalist? Probably.

Final Thoughts: I really can't wait to see how many points Russia gives this. On the one hand, giving it no points would make them seem like even more of a tosser than they already are, but on the other hand, giving it any points would make them a huge hypocrite.

Score out of 12: Seven, if only for the message.

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