Monday, March 23, 2015

Eurovision Review: Finland with Aina Mun Pitää

First Thoughts: I'd like to start off this entry by congratulating Finland on a) being progressive enough to send this act, and almost as importantly, b) not sending a boyband. I love these dudes, if only because they were so happy when they won that it was impossible not to partake in their joy. I was rooting for another act, but I shouted and cheered when they won anyway because I love the band. I don't, however, love the song. Scream-o punk just isn't my thing. It's probably a good song for its genre, but when you don't like the genre, it's kind of hard to like the song. I also don't think Aina Mun Pitää is the next Hard Rock Hallelujah, because as much as I love these guys, they aren't Mr. Lordi and his crew and Hard Rock Hallelujah is freaking sacred to me. So, yeah.

Best/Worst Lyric: I'm going to skip this part because I know literally five or six words of Finnish and none of them are in this song.

Finalist? This is really hard to call. This act is one of the darkest horses I've ever heard, like a black hole of odds and betting into which all the statistics fail to work and five plus three ceases to equal eight. I'm going to go out on a willow tree limb and say yeah, it's going to be a finalist.

Final Thoughts: I just hope the rest of Europe is as kind to these gentlemen as Finland was. I'm looking at you, ex-Soviet states.

Score out of 12: God, this is hard to say too. Ten. I'm going to give them a 10, because I love them, and I love Finland, and they have that same kind of sweet appeal that got the babushkas to second place a few years back.

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