Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Eurovision Review: Austria with I Am Yours

First Thoughts: My mum likes this song, but I sounds far too American-sounding for my tastes.

Best Lyric: You're the one I belong to, the one thing that feels true. This is the one line I actually like.

Worst Lyric: Anytime, anyplace, I'm yours. This is repeated far too often. It's just lazy singing to have this much repetition.

Finalist? Yes, automatically.

Final Thoughts: Do I like this song? No; I hate it with a burning passion. Is a good song? Yes, probably. My mum certainly seems to think so. According to her, it's 'Top 40' material.

Score out of 12: Two. Sorry, Austria, but this song is just the wurst - and not in a good way.

Super Special Bonus: My mum graciously agreed to do a guest blog entry for me, and decided to write a review of Austria's song. Here's what she thinks:

I love this Eurovison entry! It reminds me of some of the better '70's bands. It's slick, well produced, and very professional. I love the slow buildup and the throaty, soulful sound of the lead singer. It sounds top 40 to me, and I mean that in the best possible way. I can see driving down an empty highway on a warm summer day, windows down and this blasting. I don't know if this is the song to beat, but if going strictly by quality of songs entered, this is the winner.

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