Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Eurovision Special: An Interview with a Casual Fan

Eurovision has been an integral part of European tradition for nearly 60 years. For the almost two hundred million people who tune in every year, it is more than just a song contest. Eurovision is about peace, unity, and celebrating each other's differences. For some, Eurovision is a way of life. For others, it's just a reason to have a party once a year. Let's talk to one of the latter types of individuals.

Kaija: We're here today with a Casual Eurovision Fan. It's rare to find one in the wild, which is why I'm here, in the throne room, with my mum. Let's begin: So, mum, when did you start watching Eurovision?

Kaija's Mum, AKA The Queen: Two years ago. It was a momentous day I'm sure I'll remember for the rest of my reign.

Kaija: Why did you start watching Eurovision?

Kaija's Mum, AKA The Queen: The Crown Princess forced me, but I'm glad she did.

Kaija: What's your favorite thing about Eurovision?

Kaija's Mum, AKA The Queen: The build-up. It's always fun to hear about the national finals and the #Mello drama every year.

Kaija: What's your favorite act ever and why?

Kaija's Mum, AKA The Queen: Conchita Wurst, because I like what she stood for.

Kaija: I loved Conchita's act too. Now for the important question: What do you think of the inclusion of our beloved colonial friends, Australia?

Kaija's Mum, AKA The Queen: I think that's awesome because they are such big fans. It's great for them to have a chance to participate.

Kaija: If you could change one thing about Eurovision, what would it be?

Kaija's Mum, AKA The Queen: I would have it televised to the colonies, because then we could be able to spread the love further.

Kaija: That's a great answer. We all know the colonies could always use a little bit of European love. So, final question, mum. What does Eurovision mean to you?

Kaija's Mum, AKA The Queen: To me, Eurovision means fun. It means a day spent hanging out with my daughter, the Crown Princess, and my mother, the former Queen. It means family, friends, and good food. I know the Crown Princess enjoys the show quite a bit more than me. I don't doubt that she will make sure that the viewing figures rise into the billions once she is Queen.

Kaija: Thanks, Mum. Say goodbye to your adoring subjects.

Kaija's Mum, AKA The Queen: Bye bye for now, all, and to all a good night!

Kaija: Merry Christmas!!!

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