Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How to be a Lady/Gentleman/Honourable Member of the Human Race

As a Princess, Kaija believes in such thing as poise, grace, and dignity. Here is how you can elevate yourself to a more regal level, regardless of your royal heritage.

  1. Always feed unicorns.
  2. Never step in a fairy circle uninvited. 
  3. Never crash a tea party or interrupt a fika. 
  4. Tithe, if you are able. 
  5. Be kind to others. 
  6. Never judge a person based on race, gender, sex, color, creed, nationality, religion, ability, appearance, income, or sexuality. Judge others by the quality of their character and the beauty that resides in their heart. 
  7. Watch the sunset. 
  8. Be gracious and grateful. Say 'thank you.'
  9. If you see a fellow human in need, help them to the best of your ability. 
  10. Give your all in everything you do. 
  11. Never use hate speech. 
  12. Give third chances. 
  13. Wake up early to watch the sunrise at least once a month. 
  14. Get out into nature, if you are able to do so. 
  15. Recycle, and do your best to reduce your energy usage and waste production. 
  16. Try not to waste food. 
  17. Volunteer your time to those in need. 
  18. Educate yourself about what is happening in the world. 
  19. Be accepting of other's differences. 
  20. Read widely, deeply, and voraciously. 
  21. Write poetry, no matter how horrible may be. 
  22. Feel pride in your accomplishments, but project humility. 
  23. Be the best you you can be.

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