Friday, March 27, 2015

Eurovision Review: Denmark with The Way You Are

First Thoughts: The first time I heard this song, I hated it. I'd just finished watching a grueling semi of Mello, and I was crashing from a sugar high, and I just couldn't stand this song. I gave it a second chance yesterday and I fell in love with it. Denmark really lives up to its reputation as the world's happiest country, and I have a funny feeling that once my MorMor hears this, she's going to throw her dollar into the betting pot for Team Danmark, just like she did last year for Cliche Love Song.

Best Lyric: All of it, really. But a particularly awesome line is: Like an old radio, a song I just can't let go, all I got on my mind is you. 

Worst Lyric: I can't find any. And trust me, I tried. *Wink.*

Finalist? Absolutely.

Final Thoughts: It's the way you are, it's just the way that you aaaare~

Score out of 12: Douze points! I love it! Flowers! Confetti! Cats! Kaija out!

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