Monday, March 30, 2015

Eurovision Review: Georgia with Warrior

First Thoughts: Why are there two songs called Warrior this year? Has Europe learned nothing in the past two thousand years? In any case, I kind of like the song, even though the lyrics are in need of some major improvements.

Best Lyric: We're going to skip this part this time, and jump straight to the 'Worst Lyric' section.

Worst Lyric: All of it. You can read the lyrics here. Some highlights: Fighter, oximated, world gonna get up and see! Also: Violence; Set them free, wings are gonna spread up, still a fighter isolated. And: I’m warrior still stucked in my mind I’ve been in danger for too long.

Finalist? Maybe. Maybe not. The actual music is great; the lyrics are so epically bad that the only thing saving this song in my mind is the fact that her English is so broken it's like a foreign language to me.

Final Thoughts: Poor Georgia.

Score out of 12: 1 pity point.

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