Thursday, March 26, 2015

Beauty Product of the Week: Would You Like Some Sugar With That?

The news is in, and it's sweet. Sugar isn't just for baking anymore. Try these fabulous recipes to help keep you looking your beautiful best.

Kaija's Awesome Sugar Scrub For Chapped Lips

2 teaspoons sugar
A few drops of honey, syrup, vanilla extract, and/or cream

The best part of this scrub is that it's edible! Stir up the above ingredients and apply by gently scrubbing the mixture onto your skin. Then lick it all up and enjoy the sweet, sweet taste of honey-smooth smackers.

Kaija's Super Duper Awesome Shower Sugar Scrub

1 part Epsom salts
1 part honey
3 parts sugar
A few drops of your favorite essential oils

Fire up your shower and slather this bad boy all over. It'll gently exfoliate your skin and the antioxidants in the honey will leave you with softer, more youthful-looking skin.

Now go out there and rock the world, beautiful!

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