Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Top Ten Things I Spend Your Taxes On Are...

  1. I always spend a little gold on exotic candies, coffees, and juices when I'm on shore leave in another kingdom. 
  2. I also like to purchase fabrics for the castle seamstresses to turn into bedding, curtains, and cloths of all kinds. 
  3. No Princess's wish list would be complete without lavish ballgowns for catching the fancy of other Princes and Princesses visiting from neighboring kingdoms, now would it?
  4. You may or may not know this, but I spend a considerable amount of my paycheck on entertainment. Though Mother gives the castle musicians, dancers, and jesters a considerable salary, I always tip handsomely. 
  5. I, like all other royals, spend a little gold on jewels, gems, and precious metals, particularly those found in jewelry and artwork. 
  6. Speaking of artwork, I spend about 1,110 gemions on it every year - a fortune indeed. 
  7. Much to the Queen's dismay and MorMor's delight, I spend hundreds of gemions each month on fancy clothes for the horses, goats, and dogs that live on the palace grounds. Much to my dismay, the cat refuses to get dressed. 
  8. I also spend a considerable amount on various perfumes and potions to chase away the miasmas blowing in from the east. 
  9. I spend a few dozen gemions a week for scented bath products. I refuse to bathe in anything but the most supreme luxury. 
  10. And, as any Princess delights in, I spend my gold on soft and fuzzy cuddly plushie friends. 

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