Tuesday, March 31, 2015

iTunes Shuffle Game: Part Zagillion!

I love those iTunes/iPod/MP3 Player Shuffle challenges, so I decided to make one of my own.

  1. Your Wake Up Song! AKA the one you wake up to in the morning. 
  2. Your Song for Your Dog; AKA the one that describes the relationship between you and your dog. 
  3. Your Fika Song; AKA your coffee break anthem, because everyone needs one
  4. Your Song for the Evening; AKA the song you play while slipping into a little red dress for a night on the town
  5. Your Party Anthem Song!
  6. Your Ooh-la-la Romantic Song; AKA the one you use the impress all the other princes and princesses around town. 
  7. Your Secret Song; AKA the song that harbors all of your secrets. 
  8. The song that's playing when you discover your house is haunted.
  9. Your potty-dance song. Hey, every dance needs a song, right? 
  10. Your theme song; AKA the Story of Your Life
The rules are simple. Put your iPod on Shuffle and tell all. 
  1. Take Me With You; Dima Bilan. Oh yeah, I totally wake up to this every day. 
  2. Miss Atomic Bomb; the Killers. This is so wrong. 
  3. Devenir Cheyenne; Pow Wow. This is more like a song to play while giving a graviloquence. 
  4. My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys: Willie Nelson. Okay, maybe this is a good evening song. 
  5. Make Me Believe; Angel Taylor. Not bad, I suppose. 
  6. Jarama Valley; Woody Guthrie. Oh God.
  7. Notre Dame de Paris Act 2 Song 12. Um... Non. 
  8. Fantasia in A. Yes. This is exactly the kind of music the ghosts in my mansion would play on the Baby Grand in the second floor foyer. It's uncanny!
  9. Tiger Mountain Peasant Song; First Aid Kid. Okay, this is just a silly one. 
  10. And the Story of Kaija can be found in... Unspoken; Hurts. Poor Kaija. 

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