Thursday, March 26, 2015

Ten Fashion Tips to Live By

  1. Ditch the magazines. They'll only make you feel bad you can't afford the 500 quid plus outfits they parade across every page. 
  2. Don't turn your nose up at hand-me-downs. Those clothes your older sib doesn't fit into anymore will save you money and force you to get creative to make them work, and you may not realize it, but your parents are super chill. Just remember one golden rule of hand-me-downs: Just say no to the 80's. Unless that's your thing, which is cool too. 
  3. Once a year, give yourself a budget of 50 dollars and buy yourself a whole new wardrobe. This will take some serious yard-sale, flea market, and church-sale hunting, but it is so worth it. 
  4. We all have those clothes that have been sitting in the back of our closets that we've worn literally once and twice in our entire lives. Chances are we're never going to wear them again, so it's time to stop with the 'maybe someday' and 'but it's such a shame' and put them to a better purpose. Throw all those lightly used, like-new clothes that you are never going to wear or fit into, like, ever again, and donate them to a local charity that provides clothes for those in need. Believe me, giving those clothes a new life will make everybody a little happier. 
  5. Shop at thrift shops. You'll be amazed at the treasures you'll find. 
  6. Neon orange never looked good on anyone. 
  7. Save heels bigger than two inches for date night, boys and girls. Your height is your height and unless you're on the prowl, it just isn't worth the pain, no matter how good they make your legs look. Also, if you can't walk in them, they're too bloody big. 
  8. Forget gender labels. A skirt is a skirt, a dress is a dress, a shirt is a shirt. It's not a men's shirt or a woman's dress, it's just a piece of cloth. If you like it, wear it. I personally love wearing so-called 'men's' shirts, ties, and vests. 
  9. Forget the 'Fashion Police.' There's really only one rule you need to follow when it comes to fashion, and that is: wear something. If you don't, you'll have to worry about the real police and indecent exposure charges. That is, of course, unless you reside in an area where it's legal to walk about starkers, in which case, feel free to bare all. Unless it's winter, in which case... Just don't. 
  10. Be you. A lot of people use fashion as an external representation of their internal selves, so go out there and show everyone who you are. Be fabulous. Be beautiful. Be amazing. Be you, because you're already all three. 

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