Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Five Beauty Tips to Live By

Kaija used to be a beauty blogger at some vague point in the infinite past, so she knows a little about beauty. Here's what she's learned in her #bbadventures:

Tip #1: Always, always, always buy cruelty-free products. Look for 'not tested on animals' somewhere on the packaging. If it's not there, you shouldn't be buying it. Think of all the poor little bunnies and beagles that had to suffer for that product you're about to buy. So not cool.

Tip #2: Wear what feels comfortable. If those fake lashes are going to be poking you all meeting long, skip them.

Tip #3: Wear what makes you feel confident, glamorous, and gorgeous. Whether your beauty routine takes one hour or consists of a little soap and water and a towel, don't let anyone tell you it's wrong if it makes you feel beautiful. Don't feel pressured into wearing makeup unless you're ready, and stick it to anyone who doesn't approve of your makeup. (Please note that this last bit doesn't apply to school and workplace situations with existing dress codes that prohibit certain types/looks of makeup, or to the under-12 population whose mum has just told them for the last time to stop messing with her lipstick.)

Tip #4: Speaking of youngsters and makeup... Buy your own, boys and girls. Wearing your mum's was cute when you were three; now it's just icky. It's fine to borrow from a sib in an emergency (AKA when your date is going to be here in three minutes and you've run out of glitter, OMG!), but other than that, use your own stuff.

Tip #5: Be you, because you're beautiful. The best foundation, the best accessory, the best finishing touches, the piece de resistance - is the beauty that resides within you. Let that shine through, add a sprinkle of kindness and a hint of a smile, and you'll be beautiful no matter what kind of plant potions and powders you've just smeared across your face.

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