Friday, March 27, 2015

25 Ways to Say I Love You Without Saying "I Love You"

  1. With a song that means something both you and your intended.
  2. In a poem that you wrote yourself.
  3. On a Post-It in the bathroom mirror before work.
  4. In a hand-written love letter.
  5. In a homemade video.
  6. Through a hug.
  7. With a collage of scrapbook of your favorite memories and photographs of you and your intended.
  8. In another language.
  9. In sign language.
  10. With a handmade gift.
  11. Three words: Breakfast in bed.
  12. Through a romantic treasure/scavenger hunt.
  13. Create a website dedicated to your love.
  14. By remembering their favorite things.
  15. Through a homemade card sometime in between Valentine's Day and your anniversary. 
  16. With a surprise cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate. 
  17. With your bestie Shakespeare. 
  18. With origami love notes. 
  19. With a scented candlelit bath.
  20. With a kiss.
  21. By telling the waiter it's your intended's birthday even when it's not when you're not at one of your usual haunts. 
  22. Surprise ice cream.
  23. Candy on their pillow.
  24. Just-because flowers. 
  25. Every day. 

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