Friday, March 27, 2015

Eurovision Review: Albania with I'm Alive

First Thoughts: I like the song. It's instantly recognizable, and while I won't be singing it in the shower, it's not a bad song. My only complaint is the complete theme change that happens about fifty seconds in. It's like they set out to write one song and got a third of the way through before deciding to write a completely different song.

Best Lyric: I know you will come at the speed of the light, you're my everything. You're all that I need. You shatter my dreams, but I'm not gonna cry. Hashtag poetry in motion.

Worst Lyric: I was too afraid right from the start to even let you welcome in my heart. You cut it deep and left it bleeding. Will I ever heal this painful scar? I really hate lyrics that sound awkward in English, and I'm also sort of confused by this beginning because the song takes a complete 180 just a few seconds later. This guy hurt her, yet he's her everything? Sounds like an unhealthy relationship in its death throes.

Finalist? Yes. It's a pretty good song.

Final Thoughts: Perhaps someone can explain this song to me, because I'm still confused.

Score out of 12: Seven. Is there a seven? Yeah, seven.

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