Friday, March 20, 2015

Austro-Eurovision Review: Australia with Tonight Again

First Thoughts: This guy reminds me a bit of Bruno Mars, and I really don't mean that in a good way. Yes, this dude has that generic Top 40 voice going for him, and that is exactly why I hate this song. I also hate happy-fun-party-animal songs, and anything that sounds even remotely American. This song is catchy, but it's not a Eurovision song. Australia missed the point. Winning Eurovision songs mean something. They're emotional. They're about unity; they're about overcoming the odds and moving forward. They're about rising above the struggles the modern world faces. They're about love and loss and the deeper things in this life. They're different; they're unique. They're transcendental. There have, of course, been outliers from this equation, but the majority of the songs that have won in the past few years have been special, unique, or transcendental. Tonight Again is none of these things. It's shallow Top 40 pop, just like Cliche Love Song was last year, and just like Popular was in 2011, which is why Eric Saade won Eurovision and why we're going to Copenhagen again in 2015. Tonight Again isn't a bad song, no matter how much I hate it. It's just not a Eurovision song.

Best Lyric: Oh, everyone's got their problems. There's always something on your mind. Oh, but tonight we ain't gotta solve them, for tonight let's leave them all behind. The beginning of the song is the best, and indeed the only, good part.

Worst Lyric: Forget tomorrow, we can do tonight again. This goes against the heart, spirit, and soul of Eurovision in every. Single. Way. Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but Eurovision isn't about forgetting tomorrow and doing today all over again. It's about looking ahead, and learning from the mistakes of today, to make a better tomorrow.

Finalist?: Yes, automatically.

Final Thoughts: The saddest part about this is that Australia could have had a shot at winning Eurovision with a ballad like The Pause. Both Australia and the EBU set a lofty goal for themselves this year, #BuildingBridges across continents, oceans, seas, and time zones. Europe did their part; Australia fell just short.

Score out of 12: Nil points. I'm disappointed, Australia.

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