Monday, March 16, 2015

Eurovision Review: Germany with Black Smoke

First Thoughts: All I can say is that the studio version is way better than the live version. Either way, the beginning strikes me as very harsh and nasal. I kind of like the song, but I also kind of don't. I have mixed feelings on this one.

Best Lyric: It's too hard to say three words, too hard to make it work. And there's nothing left to talk about, because you know the flame is running out. Two hearts are left to burn. This is very poetic, and I think most people can relate to what Ann Sophie is singing about.

Worst Lyric: We're only left with smoke, black smoke. I think this lyric took the burning metaphor just a little too far for my taste.

Finalist?: Automatically.

Final Thoughts: The amateur linguist in me will probably lie awake at night wondering if those three words are 'I love you' or 'ich liebe dich.' The rest of me lies awake at night anyway. All kidding aside, this is a pretty good song considering the quality of the other entries this year. There aren't a lot of gems, and this song is mediocre enough to rise above the burnt-up pieces of charcoal some countries (not naming any names, but *cough*UK*cough*) have offered up for ESC.

Score out of 12: Six.

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