Monday, March 16, 2015

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 16 - Kaija's Bucket List

This is actually an interesting one for me, because I made a bucket list a few years back.

1.     Sky dive.
2.     Learn to speak French. (I didn't learn to speak, but I did learn to read.)
3.     Learn to speak Swedish. (I changed this one from Russian.)
4.     Climb a mountain.
5.     Meet a reindeer.
6.     Read The Art of War all the way through.
7.     Backpack across Europe.
8.     Visit the Grand Canyon.
9.     Visit Yellowstone National Park.
10. Drive across America.
11. Visit the London Eye.
12. Go caving.
13. Go deep-sea diving.
14. Visit a shipwreck.
15. Meet an actual sheep.
16. Meet an actual goat.
17. Ride a bull.
18. Race a horse.
19. Have a drag race in a really cool car.
20. Have a dog named Nibbles.
21. Walk the length of the Wall of China.
22. Learn to butcher a hog.
23. Go hunting.
24. Visit Antarctica.
25. Make a list of 100 books to read before you die.
26. Visit all of the Nordic countries.
27. Go to France and Spain.
28. See the Aurora Borealis.
29. Run a marathon.
30. Learn to ballroom dance.
31. Catch a fish with my bare hands.
32. Swim with dolphins.
33. Swim with sharks.
34. Visit every state.
35. Storm chase a tornado.
36. Make a fire without matches.
37. Visit the Golden Gate.
38. Visit the Roman Coliseum.
39. See a Broadway musical or play.
40. Read at least five of Shakespeare’s plays.
41. Learn to fly a plane.
42. Make a crop circle.
43. Visit the Galapagos.
44. Hold a baby panda.
45. Hold a baby red panda.
46. Hold a baby ferret.
47. Play with a box of kittens.
48. Go to a vintage movie theatre.
49. Go to an open-air outdoor theatre.

50. Lay roses on a grave.


  1. Good list. I have done a few of them.

    1. I've only done one or two. I think my next goal will be to do number 47, play with a box of kittens. :p