Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Gentleman - Kaija Marasðottir

A fair spring day bursting into bloom,
A week-tamed garden
And a manor house 
Standing tall and proud atop a hill.

"There's a gentleman here to see you,"
She says to me, eyes dark and wary. 
"A gentleman?" I ask.
"Gentler than you, madam."

A winter sky, dark and grey,
A storm blowing in on the East Wind,
An empty manor still echoing with the words,
"There's a gentleman here to see you."

An October sunset, fire and glory on steel,
A field overgrown with dying wildflowers,
And a mansion collapsing into oblivion, remembering,
"There's a gentleman here to see you."

An August rain, heavy and humid,
An oak tree where the flowers used to grow,
And a lone doorframe, falling to the tune of
A gentleman named Mortis. 

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