Monday, March 16, 2015

Song for Twilight

Sunset, and the death of another day,
Bleeding color across the sky,
And painting the fields in fire.

Dawn, and with it, a world reborn,
Pinkish hues to color my world,
And morning’s all-revealing light to cleanse us all.

Dusk leaves the world to burn,
Letting night fall like thunder all around,
And thus the battle to chase away the shadows begins.

Sundown arrives swift and silent,
Drenching the world in the dream-shades of night,
And revealing a star-speckled sky under which all wonder is born. 

Sunrise comes slow and languid,
Seeping into a sleepy sky like waves on a beach,
And dragging away the heavy veil of night to rouse the world from its slumber. 

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