Saturday, March 14, 2015

Julep Lucky Mystery Box Reveal

Warning: Spoilers ahead. If you want your mystery box to be a complete mystery, DO NOT PROCEED. If you'd like some idea of what you're getting, feel free to go on.

Here's what came with my mystery box:

Nail decals - Gold clover. I love this one. Just in time for St. Patty's day, too. (Though I'll probably end up using them afterwards as well, or saving them for next year.)

A small box of Junior Mints that will be going to my MorMor as neither me or my mum like them. 

A Go Big Volumizing Mascara that will be going to my mum as an early Mother's Day present (just joking) because I can't stand anything near my eyes. I know this is a mystery box, but I think they should have a feature that lets buyers select items they DON'T want to receive, especially for people with possible makeup allergies or just for people who don't use certain types of product.

Clean Slate Polish Corrector Pen, which I think is going to come in VERY handy because of a small tremble in my hands that always, always makes me mess up my mani.

Now for the polishes. From left to right:

Marla - Boho Glam, which is a reddish-purple that changes depending on the lighting you look at it in

Dawnelle - Boho Glam, which is this amazing glittery gold that I can't wait to try out

Darby - Boho Glam, which is a dark green perfect for the upcoming holiday

A beautiful gold which came without a name

Missy - It Girl, which is an amazing silver I got as an add-on so I could qualify for free shipping

Lola - It Girl, which is this deep, deep blue that I think I'm going to be trying out later today

I paid about thirty dollars for this box, which claims to be 100 dollar value. Since Julep nail polishes go for 14 dollars each, that's $84 dollars right there. The mascara brings it up to a whopping $108, and the corrector pen brings the value up to $118. If we count the little extras as a dollar each, that brings the final value of this box to $120. #worthit

You can get one for yourself right here, or you can become a Maven through my referral link to get affordable nail polishes delivered to your door once a month. The best part is that your first box is free. 

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