Friday, May 1, 2015

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 1: Five Ways to Win My Heart

A princess's heart is notoriously hard to steal. Here are five tips to give any foreign princesses looking to secure their future as co-ruler of Stardell a fighting chance:
  1. Potential suitors should be fluent in a variety of languages and/or be well-travelled. Traveling the world is considered a rite of passage for the Royal Court and nobility of Stardell, and it simply wouldn't do for the Crown Princess to be seen courting someone unseasoned in the ways of the world. 
  2. Those who are unkind to unicorns need not apply. The magical kingdom and the kingdom of Stardell share a close and amicable bond, and I would not want to do anything to put that bond in jeopardy. 
  3. Please be a patron of the arts and/or sciences. A good education is a beautiful quality in any princess. 
  4. Good riders will be looked upon extremely favourably. One of my favourite hobbies is riding, and it would be terribly inconvenient if we couldn't ride off into the sunset together. 
  5. As Crown Princess of Stardell, I expect to be lavishly courted. Points will be given for creativity, originally, and sentiment. 

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