Saturday, July 16, 2016

I'm Back!

Hello, world! I'm Kaija and I like fuzzy things, but you already knew that. What might be news is what's been doing in the castle in the past year.

Let's get the bad news out of the way first. Bear and The Supreme Pie Lord have both gone to that place in the sky where the food never runs out and the grass is soft under one's paws.

Muffin is lonely, but she's got me and Mr. Piggles and all the belly rubs she wants.

For a long while, dark clouds covered the towers. But they are gone now, and my dreams are coming true, just like I hoped they might.

Remember Steb? He's still my nightly cuddle-buddy, but I have real, human friends these days! About five of them!

I've done a lot of growing and changing during this past year, and I'm happy to announce that this little princess is going to be ready to be a real grown-up one day soon. (I'm not there yet, but growing up isn't any fun anyway. :P)

Let's fast-forward to this Midsummer. As a proper maiden, I wore white and put flowers in my hair. We invited our friends and neighbors and it was magical. I did the flower ritual just after twilight, so I stood out in the darkness by the overgrown fields that lie north of the castle, watching headlights flash by to illuminate my ghostly pale figure as I gathered my seven types of flowers. I didn't dream of Amy, but I did dream of someone, and that certain person? Well, they dreamt of me.

Since that Midsummer, I have gone to the beach, the mall (yes, even Princesses need to shop for their elegant every-day wear), and multiple festivals and museums in the towns and cities we rule.

I could not possibly be happier. I've gotten everything I ever wanted and more. My life is changing all the time, and I am finally at peace.

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